We are thrilled that you have decided to apply for enrollment at Lansing Christian School.  Below please find information about our admissions standards, and admissions process.

Admissions Standards

Lansing Christian School exists to partner with Christian families in the education of their children.  The educational experience we provide is not merely that of a private education or moral education, but an education from a distinctively Christian worldview.  Lansing Christian School admits students whose families are like-minded in Protestant, Evangelical beliefs and who meet the admissions criteria as outlined below.

1. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ

The Lansing Christian School community is built on the basis of shared beliefs, values, and practices.  These beliefs, values, and practices come from what we read in the Holy Bible.  Families applying for admission must agree with the school’s statements of  belief, purpose, and parental agreements which can be reviewed on the last two pages of our application.  

2. A commitment to a local, Christian, Evangelical Church

At Lansing Christian School we believe that our role is to come alongside families as they seek to raise their children in the Lord.  Commitment to and fellowship with a body of like-minded believers is a foundational way in which Christian parents grow not only their own faith, but also nurture faith in their children.  For this reason, all families enrolled at Lansing Christian School must be actively involved with a local church family.  This includes regular attendance at worship services and participation in the life of that body of believers.  On our application form, families will be required to provide contact information for their church and pastor so that we can verify that each family meets this admissions requirement.

Admissions Process

  1. Email to request an application form.   
  2. A link will be sent to you via email with our application form.  
  3. Complete your application.    
  4. Pay your $200 application fee.  (Only one application and fee is required per family).  Additional documents to include when submitting your application include copies of each child’s birth certificate, and for transfer students, the each student’s most recent report card along with a copy of any IEPs or 504 plans that are currently in place.
  5. We will contact your pastor/church and request that they fill out a recommendation form that we will provide.
  6. We will contact you to schedule an academic screening for each applicant.
  7. We will invite you to participate in a meet and greet with the school’s  Education Committee.  This is an approximately 30-minute meeting at which you can expect to review your application with the committee members.  This committee will make the final determination on acceptance of your application.
  8. Upon acceptance, you will be invited to formally enroll.


Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.  Please be mindful of the application deadlines for an on time start.  Applications submitted after the deadlines will be reviewed for a start at a later date.

2023-2024 Application Deadlines (First Day of School Enrollment)

  • Enrollment Forms Completed:  Friday, July 21
  • MAP Testing for Admittance:  Tuesday, July 25
  • Board Interview:  Thursday, July 27