We are thrilled that you have decided to apply for enrollment at Lansing Christian School.  Here is information about our admissions standards and admissions process (below).

Admissions Standards

Lansing Christian School seeks to enroll families who desire a Christian education for their children, understand the school’s Statement of Faith, agree to protect the school’s mission, vision and climate, and have students that can be adequately served by our educational resources. 

We will not accept those who are antagonistic towards the Christian faith, unwilling to confirm their understanding of our Statement of Faith and commit to upholding our mission, vision, and climate, or whose students demonstrate a history of behavioral or educational needs that cannot be met by our resources.

Admissions Process

Contact to begin an application. The complete application includes student and family information, a Parent/Guardian Cooperation Agreement, submission of a birth certificate, signature of understanding on the Statement of Faith, and church or character reference contact information. Parents of transfer students are also to submit student report cards/test scores and sign a release of academic records.

Attend an Explore LCS event. Before or during the application process, families must attend one of our Explore LCS enrollment events (see our Visit page to RSVP). Those who enroll after the events are finished are expected to have an official school tour and meet with our principal/staff. 

Pay the application fee. This non-refundable, $300 fee is due anytime during the paperwork process, and must be turned in before enrollment proceeds. The fee is discounted to $200 if paid on or before May 31. 

Schedule an academic screening. Students transferring to LCS in or after first grade are given a MAP test, and students entering kindergarten or PreK will attend a screening. These events assist us in determining grade level and possible academic support.

Attend the admissions interview. At least one parent or legal guardian is required to attend a meeting with members of the school board to review the family’s application, discuss motivation for seeking admission, review the nature and purpose of Lansing Christian School, and come to an understanding regarding the financial obligations of enrollment. 


If accepted by the school board, families will be invited to formally enroll at Lansing Christian School. 

Grade placement and required extended services will be determined by the principal through results of placement testing and in consultation with parents, teachers, and past academic records.

Families will sign a tuition contract. The first tuition payment is due by August 15. All tuition payments must be made via automatic withdrawal. 

The first nine weeks of the school year are considered provisional enrollment for new families. During this time, students are evaluated in the areas of academics, behavior, and social and emotional development; parents/guardians are evaluated on their commitment to meeting financial obligations and understanding of the school’s Statement of Faith. The evaluation process will be used to determine continued enrollment.