Student Help Fund

Thank you for taking the step to explore the possibility of financial assistance at Lansing Christian School.  The Student Help Fund is not a scholarship program as some schools run. This is a need-based program designed to help families that have run into unexpected financial circumstances that make it difficult for them to continue at Lansing Christian School.  The Student Help Fund awards money that has been donated to the school through monetary donations, users of the CART program, and profits from the New2You Store that have been designated for this fund.

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The Student Help Fund Committee that oversees this Fund meets as needed and will keep all information you provide confidential. The first meeting of the year is usually in late September or early October. The next meetings are typically in January and March.

The Student Help Fund Committee takes into consideration the following factors when making a decision regarding tuition assistance:

  • Financial need (as determined by FAST, a third party service that analyzes your tax returns and W-2 forms)
  • Tuition costs (amount you are paying for tuition here or at another school)
  • School involvement (to what extent has the family participated in the life of the school)
  • Pursuit of other funding sources (New2You, CART program, church, family)

Typically the Student Help Fund Committee considers requests from parents who have been a part of the Lansing Christian School family for at least one school year. We have this requirement because we need to understand what type of “family member” you are. We tend to give more weight to requests from those families that participate in the life of this school community.

The first step in the process is to submit your financial information through FAST.

  • There is a $48 fee for this analysis that you pay to FAST.
  • Visit our school specific website to apply. 
  • Create an account and enter your financial information.
  • You will need to scan or mail your most recent tax return (including all schedules), copies of your W-2’s (for applicant and co-applicant), and any other supporting documentation.

If you need to mail your tax forms, you can send them to:


Attn: FAST Processing

1316 N. Union St.

Wilmington, DE 19806

If you need help, please contact or call 877-326-FAST.

Application for assistance from the Student Help Fund will need to be done on a yearly basis as new tax returns and W-2s are available. 

Once the Student Help Fund Committee has your completed application, it will meet to determine if assistance is appropriate and how much that assistance will be. In some cases, the Committee may need more information before making a decision. You will be contacted regarding the determination of the Committee. If you have any questions regarding this determination, please contact the office.