IL Tuition Fund Scholarship for Students

The State of Illinois passed the Invest in Kids Act in 2017. The Act allows for tax-credit scholarships that are used to help fund the tuition of Illinois students at a private school in Illinois, such as Lansing Christian. These scholarships are granted by a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) and not by the school and are awarded to eligible students as defined by the Act.

Student Help Fund

Thank you for taking the step to explore the possibility of financial assistance at Lansing Christian School. The Student Help Fund is not a scholarship program as some schools run. This is a need-based program designed to help families that have run into unexpected financial circumstances that make it difficult for them to continue at Lansing Christian School. The Student Help Fund awards money that has been donated to the school through monetary donations, users of the CART program, and profits from the New2You Store that have been designated for this fund.

New2You Thrift Store

The New 2 You Quality Resale shop is owned and operated by the parents and constituents of Lansing and Calvin Christian Schools. All proceeds are divided between the schools to help keep the cost of Christian education affordable for parents.


CART stands for Certificates Allowing for Reduction in Tuition. This is an optional program you can participate in as little or as much as you like to save some money on your family’s tuition bill. You, friends, and family buy gift cards for places you shop anyway. A percentage of your purchase builds up and gets paid out to your tuition account twice per year.

Supporting Church Discount

Churches that take a regular offering for Lansing Christian are considered Supporting Churches. Lansing Christian families who belong to these churches receive a discount of $650 per year per child that is paid for by their church.