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Pre-K-8th Tuition for 2024-25 (payable over 10 months, August - May)

Grade Level Annual Tuition Monthly Tuition
Pre-K (3 days) $4,376 $438
Pre-K (5 days) $6,560 $656
Kindergarten (3 days) $6,870 $687
One Child (K-8th) $8,640 $864
Two Children (K-8th) $17,280 $1,728
Three+ Children (K-8th) $23,500 $2,350

*Those churches that take a regular offering for Lansing Christian (Supporting Churches) receive a discount of $650 per year that is paid for by their church.
*Tuition rates are divided into monthly payments.  For those enrolling late or withdrawing early, a daily rate will be calculated.

*Most fees are included.

Other Charges

Extended Care Hourly Rates

One Child $7
Two Children $10
Three Children $12

Extended Care rates are billed to the quarter hour.