Olie Bollen

People come from near and far to have a taste of these delicious Dutch treats.  This wonderful fundraiser is enjoyed by so many people. Every year, this team of volunteers produces 5,000 olie bollen, selling both raisin and non-raisin.    

Our current team of volunteers has been together for almost 20 years.  They are all parents or grandparents of former LCS students and many are LCS alumni themselves. 

   Please come out for this fundraiser on September 29th!  Olie Bollen will go on sale beginning at 2 p.m.!  Set your reminder on your phone!  First come, first served!  Enjoy the amazing olie bollen, each of which is hand-mixed before it is dropped individually in hot oil and fried until golden brown and then rolled in sugar.  

   The cost:  $6 for a half dozen.